The Northwest Ohio Structural Masonry Coalition

The Northwest Ohio Structural Masonry Coalition is an alliance of masonry organizations that encourages the use of structural masonry by providing resources and design support to the local engineering community.

The Coalition is founded on the belief that one system – masonry – provides the engineer tremendous design flexibility; that structural masonry is a key component to sustainable design; and that the economy of materials realized using structural masonry results in significant cost savings.

The Coalition seeks to be a resource to the engineering community by providing design assistance, technical service, and in some cases project-specific consultation and hands-on training in masonry engineering software. Our collective goal is to help engineers and architects design buildings that are innovative, meet current code requirements and design objectives while taking full advantage of the efficiencies of structural masonry.

Why Choose Masonry?

Masonry is a strong, robust structural system that can be used for single-story big box stores and warehouses to schools and high-rise structures. The wide variety of masonry materials and availability of trained craftworkers make structural masonry a logical choice.  And since masonry is resilient and long-lasting it creates the backbone of environmentally-sound high performing buildings. Masonry has been used to build some of the world’s most significant buildings throughout history – for good reason.

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The Northwest Ohio Structural Masonry Coalition focuses on projects being designed and constructed in the 18 counties in the Northwest region of Ohio.

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Project Successes and Industry Studies

The objective of this study was to develop a construction cost model to accurately evaluate the relative initial construction cost of a multi-family building constructed using six different construction materials. Multi-family construction for this study includes traditional apartment buildings, condominiums, student housing, elderly housing, and others.  Masonry can be cost competitive with what most people think is the cheapest form of construction – wood frame construction. Using a premium material that provides so many other benefits than wood can supply at practically the same cost shows why masonry is chosen over and over.

Design Resources

The following resources allow designers to develop economical masonry structures quickly and easily resulting in safe, secure and efficient buildings that will last for generations:

Designers can work with IMI staff to assist with any project.  Here are some design aids that will help with your design.

  • IMI Masonry Partition Wall software
  • Hybrid Masonry Tech Brief
  • General Structural Notes (new)
  • Sample Specification Language – Grouting & Reinforcing Certification
  • Structural Masonry Tips handout

There are a variety of structural design software programs that can lead you to the most efficient masonry design.  If your firm already uses certain software packages, these guides will instruct you how to maneuver to the best design.  IMI’s masonry partition wall design can assist in designing these walls with an online tool.

Masonry Partition Wall Design Program – Version 2M READ…
NCMA Direct Design Software READ…
IMI RAM Elements V16 Masonry Design Manual 3.0 READ…
IMI RISA Workflow Manual for Masonry Analysis and Design 3.0 READ…

Masonry can be built quickly after the footings are in.  That is what masonry construction so competitive compared to other systems while you wait for steel or formwork to be delivered or built.  To assure quality masonry construction IMI offers certification programs to craftworkers including its Grouting & Reinforcing Masonry certification.  Information is also available on bracing walls internally with the existing reinforcing.  Contact your local IMI technical representative for more information on both programs.

IMI sits on all the major codes and standards bodies dealing with masonry.  If you have questions on how to interpret TMS 402/602 “Building Code Requirements and Specification for Masonry Structures” or any other masonry standard contact your local IMI technical representative.

Here are sources of various codes or contact IMI for more information:

The Masonry Society
ASTM International

Our industry partners have various publications or software programs to assist you in the design of masonry structures.

Brick Industry Association

National Concrete Masonry Association

Contact us with with questions on structural masonry designs.